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Player Profile: Tim Lincecum

Lincecum Glove, Lincecum Cleats, lincecum necklace
“The Freak”

Tim Lincecum, a two-time CY Young Award winner, is known as “The Freak” because of how explosive he is as a pitcher despite his puny-looking, wiry frame.  Though his nickname might suggest that his success is some mysterious phenomenon, there is actually a perfectly good explanation—-Lincecum uses his body and his athleticism as well as humanly possible to generate that freakish stuff.  Without going into exhaustive detail, Lincecum has the most efficient mechanics modern baseball has ever seen.  He is able to generate tremendous power despite his size (hence the mid-90s fastball) and still maintain excellent balance and control.  Below is an awesome video of his wind-up at 1000 frames per second—-truly freakish.

Tim Lincecum glove, Rawlings, Rawlings Pro Preferred, PROS991BCBR
According to a Rawlings rep, Timmy will be wearing this Rawlings beauty in 2012.
Tim Lincecum glove, rawlings, rawlings pro preferred
Side View

Above is the Rawlings PROS991BCBR.  Lincecum did not wear this gorgeous tan color last year (see below for last season’s look), but this is the model that WPW has been told he will be wearing for 2012.  He has worn this in previous years as well.

Tim Lincecum glove model, Pro Preferred, Rawlings,
Lincecum’s glove in 2011 had an identical look to this black solid two-piece web.

We will keep Lincecum’s Player Profile page updated to see which glove Lincecum decides on.  When you’ve got so many great options, these things are not always set in stone.

new balance mb1103kl, nike cleats, new balance cleats
New Balance or Nike?
tim lincecum cleats, New balance cleats, new balance spikes, new balance mb1103kl

In spring training of 2011, Lincecum made it pretty obvious he was having some difficulty picking a shoe (see photo above, wearing two different spikes).  Torn between Nike and New Balance, Lincecum eventually settled on the New Balance MB1103KL’s you see here.

tim lincecum bracelet
Lincecum’s bracelet, w/ glove too.

In his earlier days, Lincecum would wear a saint bracelet, not for superstition, just because he “just doesn’t take it off.”  Fair enough.  Note: Never in a game did WPW see him wearing any jewels or adornments on his throwing hand, like the picture above.

Here are the links:

Rawlings PROS991BCBR (easier to find through an “Everything” Google search)

Rawlings PROS12-125 (125th anniversary Rawlings that is most similar to the black glove Lincecum used in 2011)

New Balance MB1103KL Metal

Saint Bracelet

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2 responses

  1. Kai

    Lincecum now wears irange and black Mizuno cleats

    June 23, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    • Kai


      June 23, 2012 at 5:47 pm

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