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Player Profile: Mike Trout

mike trout glove model, mike trout sunglasses, rawlings protb24, oakley radarlock path
Mike Trout patrols center field with a Rawlings PROTB24 and the new Oakley Radarlock Path sunglasses.

I don’t know what the heck happened yesterday but I lost power.  This post was supposed to be up then, but better late than never.

Mike Trout, along with Peter Bourjos and Torii Hunter, make up just about the filthiest outfield in the game.  Yes, I know Mark Trumbo has mashed his way into the outfield sometimes, too, but when those three guys are out there they give gap hitters absolute fits.

In terms of speed, Trout was clocked home-to-first at 3.53 seconds—FROM THE RIGHT SIDE!  Manager Mike Scioscia said Trout is “as fast as (he’s) ever seen.”  To put Trout’s speed in perspective, Peter Bourjos, who is known as one of the fastest players in the game, has been clocked at 3.87 from the right side.  Oh, and Angels right fielder Torii Hunter has won nine Gold Gloves and is widely known as one of the best center fielders of his generation.  This is a formula for a ludicrously good outfield.

According to a short ESPN blog, Dan Haren says, “It was crazy from my point of view, when the ball goes up, to see them close ground like that. It’s pretty special. Those things, they change innings and they can change the game around.”

Trout, who hadn’t even been born yet when Griffey made his debut, rocks Griffey’s PROTB24, with the Trapeze web that Junior made famous.  This glove is available, though Trout’s stitching is custom red.

On sunny southern California days, Trout wears the just released Oakley Radarlock Path sunglasses.  He’s got a custom pair—white with red icons and what look like the Positive Red Iridium lenses.  Though the style is available, there is nothing close to these color choices, though Oakley does mention that a custom option is coming soon for these.

Since there aren’t enough Trout highlights yet, I’ll use this as an excuse to blast you with Griffey highlights:

Here are the links:

Rawlings PROTB24 Glove

Oakley Radarlock Path (Not his exact colorway but bad-ass nonetheless)

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mike trout bat, mike trout batting gloves, old hickory bat, nike diamond elite pro, nike air gamer
Rookie 5-tool beast Mike Trout swings an Old Hickory bat and is a menace on the bags in his Nike Air Gamer cleats.

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that Mike Trout has burst on the scene in his rookie season.  After all, this is a guy who was ranked the #1 prospect in baseball AHEAD of “The Chosen One.”  The Millville, New Jersey native  is hitting .341 as of today (6.15.12), and leading the league in stolen bases with 16 even though he’s only played about 2/3rds of the season.  If he qualified for the batting lead (he’s 7 plate appearances short), Trout would be second to Paul Konerko.  And he’s no slap hitter either.  If he qualified, Trout would also be in the top 10 in the league in slugging as a leadoff hitter.  Everyone else on that list is a middle-of-the-order type power hitter.

Mike Trout swings an Old Hickory J143 with a same paint job as you see in the feature.  Based on what he used in the minors (that’s all we could confirm), he uses a 33.5 inch maple (see photo below).  You can get this exact model on HittersInc.com, which looks like a great source for bats.  It lets you customize the bat entirely.  If you want Trout’s model, choose the following:

  • Black barrel
  • Natural handle
  • Clear dipped handle
  • Silver logo
  • Cup
  • (Not sure weight but you should probably choose that yourself)
  • 33.5 inch

Trout’s batting gloves are the Nike Diamond Elite Pro model in red, and are available all over the place.  We’ve seen these so many times before—most definitely the most popular gloves in the pros.

From MLB.tv

Trout’s got wheels, too.  He wears Nike Air Gamer cleats, which you can most definitely recreate on NIKEiD.  I wish there was an easier way, but you’ve just gotta check out the ones in the feature and copy those, because those are exactly like the ones on Trout’s feet.  Though you can’t see it, he has the Nike logo on the heel in white.

Here are the links:

Old Hickory J143 Maple Bat

Nike Diamond Elite Pro Batting Gloves (in white/red)

Nike Air Gamer (link to NIKEiD, use feature photo as a guide)

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