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Player Profile: Matt Kemp

matt kemp bat, matt kemp batting gloves, cleats, nike diamond elite pro, nike huarache 2K4, rawlings big stick
Matt Kemp has switched over to a full Nike ensemble, including the Diamond Elite Pro batting gloves.

Update – 5.21.12

We know he’s hurt, but you guys have been asking for this one for a while so it was time for me to deliver.

Bat – Rawlings Big Stick M456B (added model number, unavailable)

Though his exact model isn’t available, there are a lot of Rawlings Big Sticks online at really attractive prices.

Batting Gloves – Nike Diamond Elite Pro in Royal/White (switched over from Easton SV12, available in his colorway and many more)

Screenshot from MLB.tv.

Cleats – Nike Air Huarache 2K4 Low (switched over from Nike Air Max Diamond Elite Fly, available, but not in his colorway)

You can see from the feature photo (compared to the photo below) that he has had a few different versions of the 2K4 cleats.  Neither are available, though the shoe has many different color options.

Matt Kemp’s exclusive colorways on his Nike Air Huarache 2K4 cleats.

Kemp in the field is next.  He’s wearing a sick Nike glove now that is only made overseas, but I’m currently digging to see if there’s any way to get our hands on it in the States.

matt kemp glove model, nike sha|do glove, nike sha do glove, nike shadow glove, power balance volt, oakley fast jacket
Matt Kemp’s sick Nike glove is only available in Japan—and for Matt Kemp!

Update: 5.24.12 6.27.12 (after some very helpful WPW readers showed me I was totally wrong on his glove)

Glove – Nike SHA|DO Elite BF1489 (unavailable, switched from Easton EPG 80B)

What we know is that the glove Kemp is using now is definitely made in Japan.  It isn’t exactly like the feature, but it looks nothing like anything sold in the US and looks very much like the Nike Diamond Elite Vapor we saw on the Japanese version of Yahoo! Auctions.  Kemp’s has the trap-eze web and the prominent yellow Nike logo exactly like that glove.  There are a bunch of really nice Nike gloves on that site, which you can check out here (I put a price floor of 24,000 yen on it—you can change that if you want to look at the cheaper ones).  If anyone has any more info on Kemp’s glove please tweet us, e-mail (whatproswear@gmail.com) or comment.

(UPDATE: 6.27.12) So, we figured it out thanks to WPW readers AJ, James and Troy.  It is a Nike SHA|DO Elite BF1489 glove, made in Japan and only available in Japan.  You can snoop around (it would help if you know Japanese), but it doesn’t look like you can get it in the states.  Lets hope that changes soon.

Nice look at Kemp’s leather. (Screenshot from MLB.tv)

Sunglasses – Oakley Fast Jacket in White (available on Oakley’s custom site, switched from sky blue version)

Here are the specs for Kemp’s Fast Jacket so you can make them in the custom builder:

  • Frame: Polished White
  • Lens: Fire Iridium XL (vented)
  • Lens: Black Iridium
  • Icon: Team White
  • Earsock: White
You can also just check out the many stock versions here.

Wristbands – Power Balance “Volt” with black lettering (available, switched colors)

We’ve seen him wearing two of the neon green ones on each wrist.  Here’s a link to the rest of the color options.

–Originally had it as the neon green version but thanks to WPW reader Bobby for directing us to the “Volt” edition.

Necklace – Power Balance Pendant in red (available, unchanged)

And a link to the rest of the color options.

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10 responses

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  2. Tpatch

    needs updated, last time i saw he was wearing diamond elite batting glove and a nike fielding glove similar to mccutchens, you can find similar gloves on ebay

    May 19, 2012 at 9:12 pm

    • mike8

      Agreed. Will start updating today and thanks for the help.

      May 21, 2012 at 7:44 am

  3. AJ

    Actually, although it seems to be a Nike Diamond Elite Vapor, its really a “Nike ShalDo Elite” outfielders glove. Nike just came out with the ShalDo (Shadow) collection for Japanese baseball players, and I guess Matt Kemp got one of the gloves specially made with grey laces, but you can find the picture of the glove at http://www.4860.jp/item_list/?Keys=&cate=00101&Keys2=%A5%CA%A5%A4%A5%AD+SHA+DO+%A5%A8%A5%EA%A1%BC%A5%C8 (its all in Japanese, so i reccomend you use google chrome to automatically translate).

    awesome website by the way

    June 5, 2012 at 11:13 am

    • mike8

      Awesome. Thanks so much for the info. Its really encouraging to get feedback like this. I’ll be sure to switch it up today.

      June 5, 2012 at 11:20 am

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  6. Zach


    Check out the heat he is rockin now. Cleats are the freshest things I’ve seen outside of Tulo’s volt green ones.

    July 4, 2012 at 8:34 am

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  8. Eric

    I saw kemp swinging chandler bats when he hit that walk off yesterday.

    July 19, 2012 at 12:42 pm

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