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Player Profile: Mark Trumbo

mark trumbo bat, trinity bat, tpx cb1 batting gloves, new balance 1103 cleats
Mark Trumbo had his coming out party at the Derby this Monday, but we were all a little late to the show.

The Great Trumbino, I’m sure you noticed, hits the ball far.  And that’s not going to change, not for a long, long time.  This is a 26 year old man-child who has not hit his prime yet, and has the swing of a guy who’s going to hit 40 home runs a year for the foreseeable future.  What makes Trumbo so special is his ability to keep his head so still through his swing—a ferociously powerful swing at that.  The Pujols-Trumbo combo figures to be an absolute terror for years to come.

Mark Trumbo swings a Trinity model PS 27:1 Birch bat.

PS 27:1 signifies a bible verse.

This bat is available online, just not in Trumbo’s gorgeous grey color.  Trumbo’s is a 34/32 as you’ll see below:

Source: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images North America

Trumbo wears TPX CB1 batting gloves, white/red for away games and grey/red like you see on his hands in the feature for home games.  The greys are not available, and the white/reds available online are not exactly like Trumbo’s as his have red in between his fingers and black “TPX” writing on the strap, though TPX CB1 gloves are available online.

Mark Trumbo is yet another New Balance guy as you learned yesterday, he was wearing the exclusive MARPAT pattern for the Derby.  During the regular season, however, Trumbo wears a pair of 1103 style most like the one that you see in the feature above.

From the All-Star game. Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America

Though it is not exactly the same, and we’d imagine it doesn’t have the Dustin Pedroia “DP” logo, the 1103 cleats available online are very similar and there are several different color choices.

Here are the links:

Trinity PS 27:1 Bat

TPX CB1 Batting Gloves

New Balance 1103 Cleats


P.S. If you’re wondering, I didn’t do Trumbo’s glove research, because quite frankly I figured nobody really cared.


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