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Player Profile: Jose Reyes

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Jose Reyes is yet another Marucci guy.

Mets fans, for all their suffering, might suffer even more without Reyes in their lineup in 2012.  And worse, he’s playing for their division rival, the new-look Miami Marlins.  Reyes had an absolutely monster comeback year in 2011, winning his first batting title with a .337 average, scoring 101 runs, 39 stolen bases and 54 XBHs, including 16 triples!  He is an Under Armour guy, and unfortunately for us, his gear is very difficult to find for sale.  His Under Armour Yard 5/8 ST exclusive cleats (above) are almost impossible to even find a photo of, let alone find for sale—-although you will find some on eBay.  It seems like they’ve been discontinued, but Reyes continues to wear them.  We checked if he was wearing them in Spring Training for the Marlins and, in fact, he is–with the same white/black/orange colorway (below).

The batting gloves he wore late in the year and is still wearing with Miami are non-existent even on Under Armour’s site.  Under Armour seems to make models/designs of batting gloves and cleats that are 100% exclusive to the player—-something we’ve noticed with other Under Armour contract guys.  However, we did look back and find Reyes wearing a pair of Under Armour Yard IV batting gloves which you see above.  We also saw him in the “VI” version, below.

under armour batting gloves
The two versions of the Yard batting gloves shown are available online, though the IV’s in the feature picture are much more rare.  The ones we couldn’t find though, are the ones he’s wearing currently.  There just doesn’t seem to be any design similar on the market.

Reyes swings a Marucci JR7 signature bat, which is available online.  Based on the knob in the below picture, it looks like he swings a 33.5/31.5.  Marucci, an obscure name in comparison to the Louisville Sluggers and Rawlings of the world, is quite an interesting story.  The small bat company actually came to prominence through the personal endorsement of Eduardo Perez, a former Major Leaguer and son of Reds great Tony Perez.  There is an awesome Sports Illustrated piece about how Marucci has grown to be so popular in the Major Leagues here.

jose reyes bat, marucci bat

Here are the links:

Under Armour Yard Batting Gloves (the IV’s in the feature photo are tough to find, these are the VI’s)

Under Armour Yard 5/8 ST (you’ll see some of the II’s mixed in there, but Reyes wears the originals)

Marucci JM7

Jose Reyes glove, jose reyes sunglasses, reyes rawlings glove, reyes under armour, phiten sleeve
Jose Reyes wears a Rawlings Pro Mesh.

Finding Jose Reyes’ glove was a good learning experience for us.  What we figured out, through one of the most knowledgeable sources for gloves on the internet, called Glove-Works, is that Reyes has switched it up a few times in his career.  The thread about Reyes on that forum is here, and what we know is that Reyes uses an 11 1/4 inch Neifi Perez model, an extremely popular model among today’s middle-infielders.  That’s as small as you’ll see in the Big Leagues.  It’s interesting to see (in the picture above) how high up on his hand Reyes’ glove fits.  What’s even more unique is that Reyes uses a Pro Mesh style, which you can see on the back of the fingers of the glove.  Rawlings claims that this reduces the weight of the glove by 12%-15%, essentially making your hands a touch quicker.

In terms of quickness, Reyes is setting a heck of an example…

A hose like that, and when he first came up, would you believe that the Mets forced him to second base in favor of Kaz Matsui?

What we couldn’t decide on at Glove-Works is whether Reyes is now wearing a Pro Preferred or if he had switched over last year to a Heart of the Hide—-however, the two best guesses for the model Reyes wears were Pro Preferred—-the PRONP2JAKB or the PROSNP2KBM (first one below).  Either way, they’re both very rare and difficult to find online.  The most similar glove that is available at many online retailers is the PRONP5M (second one down).  It has the same web, Pro Mesh, and is 1/2 inch larger.

jose reyes glove

Jose Reyes glove model, jose reyes PRONP

Reyes has his own signature pair of Under Armour Signature Sunglasses, called Core.  From the searching we did, it looks like they’ve got 4 pairs left on Amazon (UPDATE: ONLY ONE LEFT AS OF 4/3/12), so if you hurry you can still grab them.  I will include the Google search at the bottom as well for when they sell out, but at that point you might have to do some more digging.

Reyes also wore a Phiten arm sleeve like the one you see in the feature picture.  In Miami, we’ve seen him wearing a black one, but we will wait to see what he is wearing in the regular season to make any updates.

Oh, and look what else we have seen in Spring Training…

jose reyes glove

Gotta love that leather.  We’ll keep you updated on whether he stays with the black web for the season or switches over to this “tropical” version!

UPDATE (3/22/12): Check out the picture below.  From Rawlings: “For the record, this is a custom Heart of the Hide glove, with black oil back, gold palm (it flaps over to the back, as shown in the picture), royal web, yellow laces and orange embroidery.”  Sounds like we got our answer on whether Reyes is now wearing PRO PREFERRED or Heart of the Hide.

jose reyes rawlings

Here are the links:

Rawlings PRONP5M

Under Armour Jose Reyes Core Sunglasses Signature Edition (only one left on 4/3/12 and we can’t find them in stock anywhere else!)

Under Armour Jose Reyes Core Sunglasses Signature Edition (Check the Amazon link in the link above first, but check here to see if anyone has restocked if those are sold out)

Phiten X30 Arm Sleeve

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  2. bigbirdqrs

    His older glove model, w/o mesh, is pretty nice. I know a great HS player who uses it.

    April 28, 2012 at 7:38 am

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  4. kpit16

    what necklaced is jose reyes wearing this year

    June 6, 2012 at 7:04 am

  5. nick

    can you update this ?

    August 1, 2012 at 8:42 pm

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