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Player Profile: Joe Mauer

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Joe Mauer wears Nike Diamond Elite.

Joe Mauer is Minnesota’s Golden Boy.  Born and raised in St. Paul, Mauer was a three-sport star in high school.  Like something of a fairytale, his boyhood team, the Minnesota Twins, drafted him number one overall in 2001.  Mauer has done his hometown proud, becoming the ONLY catcher in Major League history to win three batting titles (’06, ’08, ’09).  Mauer’s swing is utterly flawless, and if it wasn’t beautiful enough on its own, Joe’s batting gloves and cleats are just as sharp.Mauer, as many of the stars do, wears player exclusive colorways that us ordinary people can’t get our hands on.  The Nike Air Max Diamond Elite Fly cleats Mauer wears have Twins colors and he’s got a special pair for both home and away games.  The ones below are his home colorway.

Mauer cleats, nike cleats
Mauer’s Blue, Grey, and Red Home Colorway

To match those cleats, he wears a player exclusive version of the Nike Diamond Elite Pro batting gloves you see above.  The home version is not available, but we did find a “player exclusive” pair on Eastbay that, even though he hasn’t been seen in them recently, are an awesome pair of gloves. They even have the #7 on the wrist.

His away colors are an inverse of the home colors—-grey, blue, and red.  You can see them below.


The away gloves ARE available online at several retailers.

UPDATE (3.15.12): Added Mauer’s bat.  He swings a Rawlings JM7 Ash which is available at many different retailers.

UPDATE (4.18.12): After getting some feedback from Damon Burkel (@dburkel30), we checked in on Mauer’s batting gloves, and he is now wearing the player exclusives we had already linked to below.  This is exciting, because they are available, and they are VERY sharp.

Here are the links:

Rawlings Big Stick JM7 Ash

Nike Diamond Elite Fly Cleats

Nike Diamond Elite Pro Batting Gloves (Joe’s aways are pewter/navy)

Nike Diamond Elite Pro Batting Gloves (Mauer’s PE version, although not what he wears now, are Grey/Navy/Red) **These are the gloves he was wearing on 4.18.12**

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joe mauer glove, mitt, Joe Mauer catchers gear, joe mauer chest protector, proscm41b, nike pro gold precision

Joe Mauer wears the PROSCM41B mitt by Rawlings.

Joe Mauer isn’t just a bat.  He’s a three-time Gold Glove award winner (’08, ’09, ’10) and has played a serviceable first base and outfield for Ron Gardenhire.  Ultimately, though, Mauer considers himself a catcher, and the detail in his catchers gear reflects that.  Mauer has a player exclusive version of the Nike Pro Gold Precision chest protector and shinguards.  His version of the chest protector, most similar to the one you see above, is navy blue throughout with red trim and a white Nike logo.  The shinguards are also navy with red trim.  He also has his own personal “7M” logo on the collar (see below).

mauer catchers gear

His mask is a rare Nike titanium (old school two-piece style, not the more modern hockey style) that is tough to find, but if you absolutely need one and have the money to burn, you can definitely find them.  He wears a ventilated helmet backwards to secure the mask (picture below).  This one was nowhere to be found.  WPW couldn’t even find the manufacturer.  Keep an eye for updates here.  UPDATE 4/11/12: WPW reader Buc helped us out big time here…the ventilated helmet is a Wilson Skull Cap, which is available in many colors online.  Thanks so much, Buc.

Mauer catchers mask

Most importantly, Mauer’s catchers mitt is a Rawlings Heart of the Hide model PROSCM41B.  This glove is very much available online.  The only thing different than Joe’s game model is the gold trim that Rawlings will only produce for Gold Glove winners (see picture below from eBay auction).  If that’s something you absolutely have to have, then you’re just going to have to go ahead and win a Gold Glove and take care of it yourself!

Here are the links:

Nike Pro Gold Precision Catcher’s Gear

Nike Titanium Catcher’s Mask (this is just a basic google search–titanium masks are available, but the Nike brand is very hard to come by and you’ll have to do some researching on this to see what you can find)

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Model PROSCM41B

Wilson Skull Cap

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3 responses

  1. Buc

    The helmet joe wears is a Wilson skull cap.

    April 11, 2012 at 10:47 am

    • mike8

      Great call, Buc. Updating now. Thanks a lot for the input!

      April 11, 2012 at 10:50 am

  2. Peyton

    Make a Todd Helton one

    July 24, 2012 at 9:16 pm

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