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Player Profile: Hanley Ramirez

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Hanley Ramirez’ flamboyant New Balance 4040 cleats are new for 2012.

As you can see from the feature, the cleats Hanley is wearing are different than the black/white version above his head.  Here’s a better view of his actual colorway…

hanley ramirez new balanceAlthough you can’t get Hanley’s style, the New Balance 4040 model cleats are on the top of WPW’s list of favorites.  They straight-up LOOK fast.  New Balance, as one of the premiere running footwear brands, is no stranger to speed.  The 4040 model is built like a running shoe and the pros, especially Hanley, seem to really love them…

Call me a believer.

Hanley, though slightly out of character based on his mostly colorful equipment choices, has kept it simple with the Franklin Pro Classic batting gloves.  We’d say there’s something to those Franklin gloves, considering Jose Bautista wore them last year and Chase Utley, too.

As we’ve mentioned in the past, the Pro Classics are very hard to find, though the new Neo Classics are very much available online.

Our research for Hanley’s bat brought some pretty interesting stuff.  In the past he’s swung a 34/31 Louisville Slugger S318 ash (according to the photo below).

hanley ramirez bat
Hanley’s S318 ash from July 2011

However, based on what we saw Opening Night, Hanley is swinging an M9 (maple) in 2012.  We couldn’t make out exactly what model, though we’d guess its the same S318 that Dustin Pedroia uses (though we know it is all black).  The bad news is I wasn’t 100% sure on the model Hanley had, so I didn’t want to show you all the wrong information.  The GREAT news, though, is that a guy named Chris Bloxom made a film about the life of the EXACT bat that Hanley used on Opening Night!  You can check out the awesome preview below, but make sure to SET YOUR DVRs—we sure did.  After we check that out we will make sure to update this so you all get the right information.

***THE UPDATE CAME SOONER THAN WE THOUGHT! (4/6/12)***   We were just posting this on Hanley’s Facebook when we realized that the complete “Reincarnation of a Bat” video had just been posted on his page about an hour ago!  Check it out—its absolutely awesome.

Despite how great the video is, it didn’t actually give us any definitive evidence as to what Hanley is using this year like we hoped for.  The below screenshot clearly shows Hanley holding a model “H2R” bat that we’ve never heard of before, and it doesn’t match the M9 we definitely saw him with in the game against the Cardinals.

Since this bat wasn’t what he was swinging in the game, we’ll just leave the links we already have for the S318 below.

There are a few Hanley highlight reels on Youtube, but Mac Miller and J. Cole made the most sense for Hanley’s background music…

Here are the links:

New Balance 4040 Cleats (Not Hanley’s exact colorway, but there are plenty of sharp-looking cleats to choose from)

New Balance 4040 Cleats (Youth)

Franklin Neo Classic (since Hanley’s Pro Classics are so hard to find we added these—this search also shows the Neo II’s)

Louisville Slugger S318 Ash (this is last year’s model, but we will update as soon as we know for sure what Hanley’s swinging in 2012)

hanley ramirez glove model, hanley ramirez sunglasses, kaenon hard kore,
Hanley Ramirez wears a Wilson A2000 1787 in his new position at the hot corner.

In honor of Opening Night, I thought we could do the other half of the deadly new infield duo, Hanley Ramirez.  Like Reyes, Hanley has worn colorful gloves in the past (below), and his newest is no exception.  If you’re interested in the old teal model, click the photo to be taken to Amazon’s retail page.

hanley ramirez glove modelRamirez was seen just tonight (Opening Night vs. the Cards, 4.4.12) wearing an orange custom Wilson A2000 1787.  The great thing about Wilson is their new “Custom Glove Shop.”  With that new tool, we were able to build Hanley’s glove to his customizations.  The only thing we couldn’t do that he has is the light blue stitching that Ramirez added to match the vibrant colors of the new Miami Marlins look.

Sharing Josh Hamilton’s style, Hanley had been wearing a pair of black Kaenon Hard Kore sunglasses with black lenses, which are available online.

We’ve seen him wearing a white Under Armour arm sleeve in spring that he also wore on Opening Night.  We assume he will wear black for away games to match the black jersey as well.  Those are also available online.

We haven’t expanded much on off-the-field style, but when we do, “What the Pro Drives” might be a good concept.  Here’s Hanley in his Aston Martin Rapide…

And yes, the car IS available online!

Hanley Ramirez is poised to have a huge bounce back year with an extremely potent middle of the lineup in Miami.  After a few early hiccups once he was asked to move to third in favor of Jose Reyes, Hanley got back to work.  Here’s a pretty cool spanish Powerade commercial addressing Hanely’s off-season critics…

Here are the links:

Wilson A2000 1787 (custom model we created on Wilson’s glove builder)

Wilson A2000 1787 (if you just want the regular model without all the fancy colors—there are a few options—and remember, Hanley’s glove is not SuperSkin)

Kaenon Hard Kore Sunglasses (Hanley’s are black with G12 lenses, which is Kaenon’s code for black)

Under Armour Arm Sleeve (Hanley wears black and white sleeves)

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  3. Bw33

    HanRam needs a Dodgers update. He uses the 1786 still but it is all black

    July 31, 2012 at 6:51 pm

  4. bw33

    hanley still has 4040s theyre like some kind of blue grey red pair heres a link to his fancy boohmbahs from a few years back

    July 31, 2012 at 7:00 pm

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