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Player Profile: Bryce Harper

bryce harper bat, bryce harper batting gloves, bryce harper cleats, bryce harper marucci, under armour natural
Bryce Harper made his debut in Under Armour Natural batting gloves and cleats.

Bryce Harper, the most highly anticipated draft pick of our time, got the call this weekend.  At 19 years old, Harper has already created a villainous reputation for himself.  Whether you are for him or against him, he’s a phenom.  Harper’s swing is vicious, and that viciousness proliferates through the rest of his game.  Even in just our first glimpse on Saturday night, Harper showed his Pete-Rose-like style of play, flipping off his helmet as he barreled towards second after a frozen rope over Matt Kemp’s head—Harper’s first hit of his career.

Harper grew up idolizing this guy (though he was born a full 6 years after Rose’s record 4,256th hit)…

We haven’t seen Rose’s Superman from Harper yet, but I imagine we will.

Harper is a Marucci endorser, and he swung a grey version of his BH34 model (which they do not sell specifically but from what he swung in the minors, is the CU26 Chase Utley cut).  Here Harper is sizing up Billingsley after a broken bat foul ball, just before his first Major League hit…

Harper’s Grey Marucci (MLB.tv screenshot)

Bryce Harper’s Marucci bat is inscribed with “Custom Made for Luke 1:37”—a bible verse that reads, “For nothing is impossible with God.”

Bryce’s batting gloves are a custom version of the Under Armour Naturals.  (Note: My research for Bryce actually helped me figure out that these are also Jose Reyes‘.  That will be included in Reyes’ update.)  You can find these (not in Bryce’s colorway) sparingly online.  Harper’s gloves are inscribed with “Mondo,” which he says in a nickname from back in his childhood.

Harper runs well, stealing 26 bases (out of 33 chances) in just 109 minor league games last year, and he should steal many many more in the big leagues.  On his feet, Bryce Harper wore an exclusive, all-black version of the Under Armour Natural II cleats, another older version that he must find as comfortable as the batting gloves.  This model is also available sparingly online, though not in his all-black flash.

As you can see in the feature, Bryce Harper wears stirrups.  A lost relic, Harper’s legwear may be an ode to his favorites, Rose, and Mickey Mantle (below).

Don’t see much of these in the age of baggy bell-bottom baseball pants.

Why not bring ’em back?  Plenty are available online.

Who else watched that game?  How about Matt Kemp reminding everyone who runs LA?  Classic game, and could be a prelude to a great playoff matchup.

Here are the links:

Under Armour Natural Batting Gloves (just a basic Google search, Harper’s colors are nowhere to be found)

Under Armour Natural II Cleats

Marucci CU26 (based on what we saw from him in the minors, since he started get his own custom label, but we’re not positive the model changed)


bryce harper glove model, bryce harper sunglasses, bryce harper phiten necklace, bryce harper akadema, amr 34, oakley radar path, phiten x30
Bryce Harper wears a custom Akadema AMR 34 glove and Oakley Radar Path sunglasses.

Though he grew up a catcher, the Nationals organization quickly moved Bryce Harper to the outfield immediately after he was drafted number one overall at age 17.  Harper showed us the gritty, bruiser mentality common for a catcher when he smashed into the wall to rob Juan Uribe of extra bases on Sunday.  After a spectacular catch, Harper got leveled by the wall, stumbled backwards, then came up throwing to first, thinking double play…

Harper made that snag with a custom Akadema AMR 34.  Bryce’s glove looks like a very dark grey with red lacing and white welding.  Check out the screengrab for Bryce’s leather, and below that is the AMR 34 showcased in a quick Youtube clip…

Bryce Harper played with a custom pair of the Oakley Radar Path sunglasses on the back of his hat, which you can get very close to on Oakley’s Custom Builder.  Here is a screenshot…

Harper’s Oakley Radar Path on the wrong side of his head.

The specs to create these glasses, from what we could tell, are as follows:

  • Frame: Plasma
  • Lens: Black Iridium Path
  • Icon: Polished Chrome
  • Earsock: White

Around his neck, Bryce Harper is another Phiten fan, rocking the Phiten Classic in black with white writing.  This is available online.

Here are the links:

Akadema AMR 34 (not Bryce’s colors, but his glove model)

Oakley Custom Builder

Oakley Radar Path (in case you just want Bryce Harper’s model and not his color scheme)

Phiten Classic (the one Harper wears looks exactly like the one in the feature photo)

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