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Player Profile: Brandon Phillips

brandon phillips glove, brandon phillips wilson, brandon phillips sunglasses, brandon phillips under armour, wilson a2k 1786
Brandon Phillips is wearing a gold-webbed version of the Wilson A2K 1786 in 2012.

First thing’s first.  The glove in the feature photo is Phillips 2011 glove.  He called it “Casper.”  After his third Gold Glove (’08, ’10, ’11), he’s switched from Casper over to this:

The Gold Webbed A2K 1786 Phillips is wearing this year.

Phillips seems to be predicting a 4th Gold Glove for himself this year with this flashy looking Wilson.  Can we blame him?

Although it isn’t available online in gold, the A2K 1786 is available in a few different color variations.

Below, have a look at Phillips handing his glove off to Wilson glove guru Aso to break in. It’s something you would expect to be a pretty personal, almost sacred process, but Phillips does not look disappointed with Aso’s work. Very interesting to see the guy’s process considering I am a new glove owner (bought the Lincecum Pro Preferred that day we posted the $140 off deal on RawlingsGear.com).

Phillips’ has been wearing a few different sunglasses (as seen in the video above—with the Oakley Radars, and the photo of him and his gloves—where he is wearing Under Armour Core sunglasses—though definitely not Reyes’), but the most recent pair we saw him rocking in-game were the unique-looking Under Armour Thief style you see in the feature with the strap. These are definitely available online.

Here are the links:

Wilson A2K 1786 Glove (dark tan choice)

Or you can use Wilson’s Custom Glove Shop to make a 1786 to your liking.

Under Armour Thief Sunglasses (Phillips are in black/black)

I’m looking to get a list going of players people want to see.  I got tweeted a request to do Dee Gordon and Cameron Maybin, so I’ve definitely added them to the list.  Tweet me @whatproswear for suggestions.

brandon phillips bat, brandon phillips batting gloves, under armour batting gloves, under armour cleats, power balance wristbands
Brandon Phillips wears Under Armour player exclusive batting gloves and cleats.

Brandon Phillips has been one of the most consistent 5-tool second basemen in the league since the Reds robbed him from Cleveland in 2006 (for a “player to be named later” named Jeff Stevens).  This past season, he was elected to his second consecutive All-Star Game and won his first silver slugger.  He’s also a fun guy to watch because he genuinely enjoys the game.

Under Armour, as we’ve mentioned in the past with Jose Reyes, likes their player exclusives.  Brandon Phillips is no exception.  The cleats you see in the feature are actually Phillips’ 2011 All-Star Game player exclusive Under Armour Natural III cleats.  Phillips looks to be wearing cleats similar to those, but with different colors, for 2012.  Here is a photo I snapped tonight:

These look to be a variation of the Under Armour Natural III’s.

Phillips’ batting gloves are also Under Armour.  You can see above that they are red with white palms, a player exclusive version of the Under Armour Yard V batting gloves.  Though not in that color, the Yard V gloves are very sharp and are available online.

Phillips has been using a black Louisville Slugger C271 model for a while now.  From what we saw tonight and from the picture below, it looks like ash, though he has used maple in the past.  Based on the photo, Phillips swings a 33.5/31.5.  The C271 is a very popular model, and is available online.

Phillips wears all kinds of stuff on his arms.  Aside from his DatDude wristbands (below, not available), he also wears Power Balance wristbands on both arms (one red and one white).  These are available online.

And since we did it for Hanley, we’ll do it for BP.  Here’s what Brandon Phillips rides around Cincinnati in…

Here are the links:

Under Armour Natural III Low Cleats (Phillips are player exclusives)

Under Armour Yard V Batting Gloves (again, Phillips are exclusive to his hands, but there are plenty of V’s in different colors available)

Lousville Slugger C271 (this is the “MLB 1xx timber” that is most similar to Phillips’—the cheaper C271 ash is not something we’d recommend for serious players)

Louisville Slugger C271 (here’s some maple versions and the cheaper ash if you prefer those)

Power Balance Wristbands (you’ll find Phillips’ red and white ones here)

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  1. bigbirdqrs

    Phillip’s glove is up for auction on wilson’s website.

    April 28, 2012 at 7:39 am

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