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Player Profile: Andrew McCutchen

andrew mccutchen glove model, oakley sunglasses, power balance bracelet, phiten necklace, phiten sleeve, nike shado
Andrew McCutchen’s glove was impossible to find, luckily we found all of his accessories.

“He’s got it all. He catches the ball like Andruw Jones did when he was 19.”

That’s a direct quote from Bobby Cox, the 10-time Gold Glover Jones’ Manager, speaking about Andrew McCutchen.  To be compared (by a guy who’s been in baseball since the 60s) to arguably the best center fielder who ever played is quite the compliment, and also setting some astronomical expectations; however, when you see McCutchen fly out there, you get an idea where Cox is coming from.  McCutchen goes back on the ball as good as anyone in the game, closes gaps with ease, and is an absolute freak of an athlete— he’s most definitely got some Gold Gloves in his future.

Is catching it with your eyes open just too easy, Cutch?

McCutchen hurts himself on this play, but also gives us a decent look at his Nike Trap glove. MLB.tv.

McCutchen’s glove was impossible to find anything on, aside from the fact that it’s a black Nike with a Trap web like Matt Kemp’s (which I used for the feature).  However, this is not the same glove, and McCutchen even has the Swingman logo custom-embroidered on the thumb (see below).

See the Swingman logo and the Trap web.

Unfortunately, there is nothing like McCutchen’s glove on the market.

Not a great look at his glasses, but a look nonetheless (also see the Phiten swag). MLB.tv

Per usual with regards to Oakley-wearing MLBers, McCutchen has a custom version of the Oakley Radar Pitch.  Here’s how you’d make his with the Oakley Custom Builder (just like you see in the feature photo):

  • Frame: Plasma
  • Lens: Persimmon Pitch
  • Icon: Team Yellow
  • Earsock: Black

McCutchen does plenty of accessorizing on the ballfield.  He wears a Phiten sleeve (white at home and black away) as well as a Phiten Tornado titanium necklace.  The sleeve is extremely popular throughout the pros and has the MLB logo and Phiten logo on opposite sides of the wrist—unfortunately, this looks to be an MLB-only style, though there are plenty of Phiten sleeves available.

Interestingly enough, we recently caught McCutchen wearing a Power Balance Volt wristband as well—somewhat of a conflict of titanium interest, no?  Either way, the Volt is also worn by Matt Kemp, and is available online.

Here are the links:

No glove link—sorry.

Oakley Custom Builder (check out the specs above for McCutchen’s version)

Phiten Sleeve (McCutchen’s are solid colors unlike some of the two-tone versions at this link)

Phiten Tornado Necklace (McCutchen’s is the black/gold version)

Power Balance Volt Wristband

andrew mccutchen bat, andrew mccutchen swingman batting gloves, nike swingman cleats, marucci bat, evoshield leg guard
Andrew McCutchen is part of Griffey’s Swingman team and swings a Marucci AM22 bat.

Andrew McCutchen has been one of the more requested names for WPW, and for good reason.  The man’s got swag—oh, and a .346 average (as of 7.2.12) and a 30-30 pace doesn’t hurt either.

He is one of Griffey’s Swingmen, wearing exclusive batting gloves and cleats with Junior’s likeness.

A nice look at Cutch’s exclusive Swingman home batting gloves and blonde Marucci bat. MLB.tv.

Although you can’t get Andrew McCutchen’s specific batting gloves, the Swingman style is available online.  Here’s a look at McCutchen’s away gloves:

Away batting gloves. From Worthpoint.com.

McCutchen’s cleats are also Swingman—specifically the Air Swingman Remix 2.  He’s got a home version like the ones in the feature, and an away version which is predominantly black.  McCutchen’s are not available, but there are a ton of Swingman Remix 2 cleats scattered about the internet.  You’ll have to dig but you will most likely find a pair if you’re looking for one.

As for the lumber, McCutchen swings a custom Marucci model AM22 maple, made just for him.  What’s unique about Cutch’s bats is that when he’s home, he swings the blonde barrel with a black handle.  When he’s away, he swings the opposite—black barrel with a blonde handle. There are plenty of great Marucci bats out there (if you’re a regular WPW reader, you know that tons of pros are swinging these high-quality bats), but McCutchen’s isn’t in regular production yet, and I couldn’t find his current measurements, though I did find that early on in his career he swung a 34-inch M9 C271.  I also noticed that at least one of his bats says “LDM,” which means “Low Density Maple.”  For more info on what that means, check this out.

**I forgot to add his leg guard to the original post.  McCutchen wears an Evoshield leg guard with no protection over his foot, just like in the feature.  This is available online.**

Here are the links:

Nike Swingman Batting Gloves (There’s nothing exactly like Cutch’s but there are some options out there)

Nike Air Swingman Remix 2 Cleats

Marucci Bats (This will show all of Marucci’s offerings, including metal)

Evoshield Leg Guard

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5 responses

  1. Tpatch

    the cleats he wore at the home run derby are the new swingmans that a few select guys including jason heyward wore for Jackie Robinson Day

    July 10, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    • mike8

      Thanks Jake but that’s not the glove. I appreciate you looking.

      Mike Carozza (914)475-9355

      July 12, 2012 at 10:48 pm

  2. wish9795

    thats my video that i made of cutch

    July 30, 2012 at 2:48 pm

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