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Player Profile: Evan Longoria

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Evan Longoria’s Nike Shox Gamer cleats for 2012 are just too fresh.

Update: 5.9.12

Bat – Louisville Slugger I13 (just added, available online)

Same turning model as Josh Hamilton’s.  If you don’t need the specific “flame-treated” style that Longoria has, you can just look here for all I13’s (includes maple bats).

Here you can see Longoria’s flame treated I13 bat, the Pro Hitter thumb guard, and the Nike Fuse N1 batting gloves. (Screenshot from MLB.tv)

Batting Gloves – Nike Fuse N1 in navy/grey (new, available but not in Longoria’s colorway)

Though the navy/grey isn’t available, you will find the very similar black/grey Fuse N1 style (like in the feature photo) online.  He also has worn white/white this year, which is not available from what we’ve seen.

Cleats – Nike Shox Gamer (changed colorways, available but not in Longoria’s exclusive colorways)

Evan Longoria wears the exact Nike Shox Gamers you see in the feature.  These cleats are straight-up sexy.  That marble print on the tongue takes them to another level.  You can try to get as close as you can on NIKEiD, too.

Thumb Guard – Pro Hitter (just added, available online)

…Just like the one Hamilton uses.  I’ll definitely be checking on this for the rest of the profiles we do.  It looks like something that is used across the Bigs.

Evoshield Elbow Guard (just added, available online)

Evoshield Leg Guard *w/o optional ankle guard* (just added, available online)

Longo also tried on some flying gear since we last updated…

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evan longoria glove model, wilson a2000, el3st, evan longoria glove

Evan Longoria wears the glove you see above, the Wilson A2000 EL3-ST.  Longoria is a two-time Gold Glove Award winner and a winner of the Fielding Bible Award in 2010–the award given to the best defensive player at each position in Major League Baseball (MLB), based on statistical analysis.

Longoria was responsible for the culmination of the most exciting night of the 2011 season.  On the last day of the season, after the Cardinals overtook the Braves for the Wildcard in the NL, the Rays jumped the Sox on Longoria’s walk-off home run versus the Yankees to win the AL Wildcard, just moments after Jonathan Papelbon blew a save and lost on a walk-off by Robert Andino of the Orioles.

Here is the link:

Wilson A2000 EL3-ST

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