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Player Profile: Alex Rodriguez

alex rodriguez bat, arod batting gloves, a rod cleats, a-rod leg guard
Having alternated home/away last year, Alex Rodriguez is sticking with the Nike Shox Gamer cleats (his aways last year) and the all white Nike Diamond Elite batting gloves you see above (his home gloves last year).

Update: 5.31.12

Bat – Louisville Slugger C271L in black (just added, available without the “L”)

Based on the 2nd photo down, A-Rod swings a 34/32.  I assume the “L” has something to do with the handle but would love for someone to step in here and add any info they might know.  The C271 is one of the most popular bats in wood bat leagues around the country so there are plenty available, however, I would recommend going for the “1xx” timber, which is the highest quality wood.

If you look closely, you can see the “C271L” on the barrel. Screenshot from MLB.tv.
Here’s one from the ’09 World Series, when A-Rod drove in 6 runs. From gameusedbats.com.

Batting Gloves – Diamond Elite Pro in white/white (switched out of the white/navy version, unavailable in his colors)

A-Rod switched out of the white/navy version for away games and is strictly sticking with the white/white version that he only wore for home games in 2011.  Though his colors are not available, there are plenty of great color choices for this great glove.

Another cordial conversation with Laz Diaz wearing the Diamond Elite Pro batting gloves. From MLB.tv.

Cleats – Nike Shox Gamer (switched out of Nike Fuse 2available!)

A-Rod must have felt more comfortable in the Shox Gamer because he took the Fuse 2’s out of his repertoire.  He was wearing the Fuse 2’s at home and the Shox on the road in 2011, but is now exclusively wearing the Shox Gamer cleats.

Nike Shox Gamers. Screenshot from MLB.tv.

Leg Guard – Custom Cosby 10″ Batter Guard by Gerry Cosby Sports (just added, looks like its available, just not in his color)

This was quite the hunt.  Cosby Sports is a company I have never heard of but supposedly they have a lengthy list of professional sports teams that they supply for.  They make chairs and guards (very strange).  Nevertheless, A-Rod has been wearing one of these for many years, so it must get the job done.

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alex rodriguez glove model, prorv23, alex rodriguez sunglasses, show x1
Alex Rodriguez is still wearing the Rawlings PRORV23.

Update: 6.5.12

Glove – Rawlings PRORV23 (unchanged, available)

I would imagine supplies are limited with this one.

Sunglasses – Nike Show-x1 in navy blue (changed from Skylon Aceavailable but not in his colors)

The sunglasses A-Rod wears are just like the ones seen in the feature (except if you’re sharp you can probably see my photoshopping work).  However, these are unavailable and the closest you can get to A-Rod’s are probably the navy/grey version of the Show-x1.

I know it’s a short post, but I’ve gotta get down to the bar to watch the Celtics/Heat, people!  I’m going to try to get back here and do a little more updating (namely updating Matt Kemp’s glove thanks to some very keen WPW readers, and adding Giancarlo Stanton’s arm sleeve which another WPW reader came through big-time with).

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One response

  1. KWeb38

    i think he wears the benik e-400 or the e-401 when he hits im not sure

    June 28, 2012 at 8:27 am

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