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What Pros Wear: Adam Jones (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats)

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I had to yank Jones’ Swingman exclusives right off his hands and feet to show them to you guys.

With a 35-homer, 100-run, 90-RBI 2012 season all but assured, its safe to say Adam Jones has finally lived up to the hype he created as an All-Star at 23 years old.  Let me not forget to mention that he has been one of the most requested ballers since I started the site in February, and rightly so.

Look at those cleats!  Griffey has himself quite the roster on his Swingman label, including Ryan Braun and Andrew McCutchen along with Jones.  “Jonesy” got new kicks for the second half of the season, and he tweeted a photo of them which you can see below.

Adam Jones’ Swingman exclusives. @simplyaj10

As you would expect, these wild-looking cleats are not available online, though Swingman Remix 2 cleats (which Jones wore earlier in the season) are available in several colors.  Though these are his second half metals, he’s also got new turfs (below).

Camo turfs.

You guessed it—unavailable.

Here are a few more Adam Jones’ has worn this season (or were banned by the MLB):

Jackie Robinson Day

Jason Heyward also wore these in honor of the great 42.

All-Star Game

Far and away my favorites. Nike needs to make these, now.

Notice that these are molded.  Jones seems to switch between molded and metal, oddly enough.

Swingman Remix 2.  Too hot to trot. Literally. (Banned by MLB)

Also banned. WTF MLB?

The orange MARPAT are ugly, so the ban is warranted in my book, but I don’t really get why these white ones got banned.

As for his bat, Jones is endorsing a newborn company called Victus Sports, which, judging by its already growing popularity in the MLB, looks like good wood.  As you can see from the feature, Jones swings an ash version, and they claim to use maple along with birch.  A local article gives you a good idea the kind of “grassroots” beginnings this company has built itself up from.  Though they don’t have a website or much marketing, the CEO of the company is on Twitter @VictusSports and seemingly very available for custom bat inquiries.  What I also found, which to me is even cooler, is that they’re selling bats for a really good price through eBay, and it looks like that’s also straight from the CEO.  I myself will be picking up a couple myself to give them a try.

Here’s Victus’ gifts to Adam Jones for the 2012 All-Star Game:


Adam Jones’ batting gloves are also Swingman.  I know the feature photo isn’t very good, but here’s a much better image from Jones’ Twitter:

Adam Jones’ player exclusive batting gloves.

Jones is not afraid of flair, that’s for sure—though the checkered straps are really what makes these so tight.  Jones, however, is all exclusive, though you can find Swingman batting gloves in different schemes online.

You can also tell from Jones’ Photoshop-amputated hand that he uses a Pro Hitter on his thumb as well.

…I just never know what these people are thinking with the music they choose.

Here are the links:

Nike Swingman Cleats (Just a broad search for Swingman cleats)

Victus Bats (looks like your best bet is to try the eBay auction or hit Victus up on Twitter—I will try to find out more this week)

Nike Swingman Batting Gloves (Dick’s calls theirs the 2011 version, which Jones’ are loosely based off of, though there are other versions that have Jones’ checkered strap)

Pro Hitter

@whatproswear Feels good to be back!


What Pros Wear: Miguel Cabrera (Glove, Sunglasses)

miguel cabrera glove, miguel cabrera sunglasses, wilson a2000 elo, a2000 el3st, oakley radar

Miguel Cabrera wears Evan Longoria’s Wilson model glove.

So I’m finally back to work after a little vacation.

I’m not going to waste much time getting wordy on this one, because I’m sure Miggy’s batting gear is more important to most of you than his fielding.  Nevertheless, he’s played a respectable 3rd base this year, currently 6th in the Majors in fielding percentage (.966).

Cabrera wears Evan Longoria’s Wilson A2000 EL3-ST, which is available online.  Under his glove, Miggy wears the Franklin Neo Classic II batting glove that he wears to bat.  We already know this one is available online.

Miguel Cabrera learned the many functions of the Oakley Radar Range sunglasses he wears when in Spring Training he took a bad hop off a line drive straight to his orbital bone. Not only do they protect from the sun’s glare, but the sunglasses deflected the ball away from his eye, resulting in a small fracture instead of a much more serious injury. The glasses may have saved his season.

You can create Miggy’s glasses at Oakley’s custom builder online with the following specs:

Frame: Pearl White (Straight Stem)
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized Range
Icon: Polished Black
Earsock: White

Here are the links:

A2000 EL3-ST

Oakley Custom Builder (use specs above to create Miguel Cabrera’s sunglasses)

Oakley Radar Range (for non-custom versions)

Back at it this week.  @WHATPROSWEAR

What Pros Wear: Miguel Cabrera (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats, Guard)

miguel cabrera bat, miguel cabrera batting gloves, sam bat, franklin neo classic ii, new balance 1103 cleats, evoshield wrist guard

Miguel Cabrera swings a Sam Bat.

You have to wonder if baseball is even hard enough for a guy like Miguel Cabrera.  Every time you look, he’s smiling or joking or messing around like you would on a playground, except he’s on a professional ballfield, turning around the best fastballs the world has to offer with ease.  Miguel Cabrera is the best hitter in the American League, hands down.  Consistency is often overlooked in baseball since every year we seem to see a remarkable season from a guy who came out of nowhere, but Miguel Cabrera puts up the same Triple Crown-type numbers year in and year out.

  • 30 home runs or more 7 of his 8 full seasons in the Majors
  • 110 RBI or more in 6 of his 8 full seasons (105 in ’11, 103 in ’09—off years, huh?)
  • .320 batting average or better in 6 of his 8 full seasons (.327 this year)
  • Five top 5 finishes in the MVP voting

Those are the types of numbers that make a player the cornerstone of a franchise, and that’s exactly what Cabrera is—if not a first ballot Hall of Famer  when it’s all said and done.

Cabrera swings a Sam Bat maple MC1, his own cut, that you see below.

Cabrera’s maple bat is a 34 inch, 32 oz.  His model is not available, but the Sam Bat brand is.

For batting gloves, Cabrera wears the Franklin Neo Classic II in white/navy AT HOME exactly as you see them in the feature, and these ARE available online.  On the road, Miggy wears a navy/orange version like in the photo below.

Source: Rob Carr/Getty Images North America

The navy/orange version is not available online.

Miguel Cabrera wears New Balance 1103 cleats in the high-top versions that you see in the feature.  Recently, he has worn both the white and black pairs for home games and the black/grey/orange pair you see in the above photo on the road.  Though the away version is not available, both home versions are.

Within the past few days, Cabrera has switched out his Franklin wristbands (not available) with the Evoshield compression wrist guard you see in the feature photo. I am a little curious what exactly the purpose of this guard is, and here’s what Evoshield has to say:

“The Compression Of Tape With The Comfort Of A Sleeve! EvoShield’s Wrist w/ Strap let’s you choose the level of wrist compression you want. You’ll never need to tape your wrists again. The adjustable, high performance strap has a uniquely branded rubber tab for easy wrapping and unwrapping giving the wrist w/strap a clean, professional look.”

Well, then—if you’re tired of taping, this guard looks like the solution.

Here are the links:

Sam Bats

Franklin Neo Classic II Batting Gloves (in navy/white like Cabrera’s)

Franklin Neo Classic II Batting Gloves (general search)

New Balance 1103 Cleats (Both white and black are available at this link)

Evoshield Compression Wrist Guard


What Pros Wear: Carlos Beltran (Glove, Sunglasses, Necklace)

carlos beltran glove model, wilson a2k 1799, kaenon hard kore sunglasses, phiten titanium necklace, phiten tornado

Carlos Beltran wears an A2K 1799 that would look great if he was still playing for the Giants.  Source: Bob Levey/Getty Images North America

Carlos Beltran hasn’t made a ton of highlight reel plays this year, but you’ve got to expect a slightly less aggressive style considering the knee brace he is forced to wear after microfracture surgery in 2010.  As much as that may slightly slow him down, the reason Beltran is left off highlight reels is because he makes plays look a lot easier than other guys might have to.  Whereas a guy like Curtis Granderson might start in on a ball and have to use dazzling speed and an athletic leap to catch up to it, Beltran’s ability to judge a ball right off the bat and flawless footwork make outstanding plays look almost ordinary.  As spectacular as those plays might be for the ever-nauseating Sportscenter, you can’t knock Beltran’s cool.  Or his three Gold Gloves (’06-’08).  Or his two Fielding Bible Awards (‘o6, ’08).

If anyone questions whether Beltran’s heart was (left) in San Francisco, look no futher than the leather he holds so close to it.  Seriously though, it is pretty funny to see him wearing a blatantly Giants-colored glove in St. Louis.  It’s a nice little reminder to the Giants what they’re missing, namely one of the best right fielders in baseball on both sides of the ball.

The glove is a Wilson A2K 1799 in a custom color scheme exactly like the one you see above.  The only difference between the one Beltran wears and the one you can make on the Wilson Custom Glove Builder is that Beltran’s is an A2K and yours will be an A2000.  The difference according to Wilson is that the A2K is a finer cut of leather, and that the A2K receives more hand-shaping at the factory.  Regardless, here are the specs

SERIES – A2000
Model – 1799


  • Palm – Black
  • Web – Black
  • Back Fingers – Orange
  • Thumb Strip – Black
  • Wrist – Black
  • Super Skin – No


  • Lacing – Orange
  • Welting – Orange
  • Binding – Black


  • Wilson Back – Black
  • Wilson Front – Orange
  • A2000 – Orange
  • Web Stitching – Black
  • Shell Stitching – Black


  • Name – BELTRAN
  • Font Color – Black
  • Font Style – block
  • MLB Logo Colors – Royal Blue/White/Red
  • Throwing Hand – Right
  • Stiffness – Pro Stiff
  • Long Laces – No
  • Pro Sleeve™ – No

You can also see the glove specs with photos on our Twitter.  What’s even funnier is that Beltran didn’t even use this glove in San Francisco…

Source: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

You can also get the A2K 1799, just not in Beltran’s colors, and not customizable on Wilson’s site unfortunately.

Beltran’s sunglasses are the Kaenon Hard Kore style, with JM10 frames (matte black/white) and G12 lenses (black).  These are available online in his colors at Kaenon.com and in many more colors online.

Beltran also wears a Phiten Tornado necklace in red/white that you can also find online.

Here are the links:

Wilson A2K 1799 Glove (Google Shopping search of all A2K 1799 gloves)

Wilson Custom Glove Builder (Click “BASEBALL” under “CREATE A CUSTOM GLOVE”)

Kaenon Hard Kore Sunglasses (JM10-G12, Beltran’s specs)

Kaenon Hard Kore Sunglasses (General)

Phiten Tornado Necklace (Beltran’s Cardinal colors are part of the MLB collection)


Wearing What Pros Wear: New Balance 4040 Cleats Shameless Review

I look really good in these.

So the good folks at New Balance were kind enough to send a scrub like me some of the freshest cleats out—Josh Reddick’s style New Balance 4040 cleats.

Source: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images North America

So I wanted to give you guys a quick little write-up on my experience with these babies.

One thing is not in question: I have the best looking cleats on the field.  New Balance made a handsome shoe.  That’s obvious.  As important as that is to all of us, more important is how the shoe feels.  I took a bit of a risk by wearing these for the first time in a game that I was the starting pitcher.  I expected blisters as can be the case when you are doing anything so vigorous as pitching (especially on a humid day in the East Bay).

To my surprise, my feet felt great the whole day and I survived 9 innings on the hill and 5 at bats.  The piece at the front of the shoe designed to protect the toe looks like it did a decent job saving the shoe from wear, though there is a bit of wear slightly above it on the leather (to be expected when you drag it along the ground 130 some-odd times).

The noticeable difference between the Puma cleat I was using (which I also thought was a good shoe) was the flexibility of the 4040.  Sometimes baseball cleats can feel like you’re running on clogs because the metal combined with a stiff shoe make it hard to plant or round your stride.  This is not the case for the 4040 as it is designed by a running shoe company who is very familiar with the concept of running in circles.  The 4040s felt great on the bags as well as on the mound.

The old saying I always think of when cleat shopping is, “Look good, feel good, play good.”  The “look” and the “feel” are well taken care of with the 4040s, and the “play” part is up to you.

But don’t take my word for it, consult the experts:

Or guys like Reddick, Asdrubal Cabrera, Nick Swisher, Andre Ethier—I could go on and on.

Pick up a pair at New Balance Baseball.

What Pros Wear: Carlos Beltran (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats, Guards)

carlos beltran bat, carlos beltran batting gloves, nike diamond elite fly, marucci bat, nike diamond elite pro batting gloves

Carlos Beltran is leading the NL in RBI while swinging a Marucci low-density maple bat.

The 35 year old Carlos Beltran was taken out with the trash by the Mets (though the Mets got a nice prospect) and let walk by the Giants.  All he’s done since is lead the league in RBI (65 on 7.16.12).  The revitalized Beltran has quietly amassed quite a collection of hardware over the years, including seven All-Star selections, two Silver Sluggers (’06, ’07), and a Rookie of the Year (’99).  Beltran is also a new member of the very exclusive 300-300 Club, joining Barry and Bobby Bonds, Willie Mays, Alex Rodriguez, Andre Dawson, Reggie Sanders and Steve Finley as the only members of the club.

It is that unique combination of power, speed and grace that make Beltran such a joy to watch.

Beltran is on board the Marucci bandwagon, swinging his exclusive model, the CB15.  This IS available online contrary to what I wrote in my Home Run Derby post (I was in a rush—my bad).

Beltran’s Marucci from June ’12. “Los15”

We couldn’t figure out the measurements, but it is a LDM or low-density maple, and the Los15 designation is probably just for Carlos.

In years past, Beltran has also swung an M9 C243, like the one below.

Beltran’s M9 C243 from his short stint with the Giants.

Carlos’ current bat is available online, but last year’s C243 is not available.

Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America.

Beltran’s batting gloves are the Nike Diamond Elite Pro style.  He wears the blue you see above for away games and red for home games.  They are both available online.

Beltran also wears the Pro Hitter on his thumb, a piece of equipment that is known to generate bat speed by helping you grip the handle with your fingers and not bury it in your palm.  This is available online, and Beltran has been seen wearing blue and white.

Beltran’s leg guard that he wears on his front foot on both sides of the plate is an All-Star LGB2.  This is available online, though not with his special customizations like the red lining on the toe and the “3” on the heel.

As you can see in the above photo, Beltran’s Nike Diamond Elite Fly cleats are not like those in the feature.  That’s because his are exclusives, and he has worn a few different versions this year.  His latest are the away versions you see above, and the following pair he has been wearing at home:

Source: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images North America

Beltran’s versions are fresh as hell, but unfortunately they are not available, though there are several versions of the Diamond Elite Fly available online.

Here are the links:

Marucci CB15 Bat

Nike Diamond Elite Pro Batting Gloves (Beltran’s homes are the red/white and his aways are the blue/white)

All-Star LGB2 Leg Guard

Pro Hitter (Just a general search)

Nike Diamond Elite Fly Cleats


What Pros Blare: Walk-Up Music for the 2012 New York Yankees

A few things before we start that have been on my mind for many years regarding Yankee Stadium music.

  • Nelly’s “Heart of a Champion,” the song the Yanks used to take the field to, was awesome.
  • Fabolous’ “My Time,” which is their entrance music now, pales in comparison to Nelly.
  • The fact that they still do “Cotton-Eyed Joe” by THE REDNEX in the middle of the 8th inning is without a doubt the biggest PA tragedy in sports.  How does this song in any way exemplify the New York Yankees?  It’s one of those songs that embeds itself in your brain like a disease and makes you want to punch yourself for singing it when you know you hate it.  That song belongs at a Demolition Derby at a backwoods state fair, not at one of America’s most admired sports venues—and for like 16 years!  Disgraceful.
  • My last gripe about Yankee Stadium’s musical tastes is their insistence that Kate Smith’s rendition of “God Bless America” be the one played for every 7th inning stretch since 2001 (unless we were lucky enough to have Ronan Tynan crush it).  I’m sure the woman had a great voice but she sounds like a foghorn in the version they use.

To the Walk-Ups:

Derek Jeter

Curtis Granderson

Grandy seems like he had a tough time finding these, but I think he ended up doing pretty well.

Classic Busta.  This will be a good choice in 50 years.  Timeless.

Eh.  Annoying repetitive choruses always turn me off.

This song is fire.  If the beat in general didn’t get you moving, it sounds like they sample the Super Mario sound effect where Mario jumps on a Koopa Troopa.  Which is genius.

Mark Teixeira

I have it on good faith from a reliable source that Teixeira is the corniest guy in the Yankee clubhouse.  This is not news.

See above.

Alex Rodriguez

Despite a down year on the field, A Rod still has great taste in the finer things.  Torrie Wilson is freakishly hot.  These songs aren’t bad either.

Robinson Cano

Oh My God.  I miss Spring Break.

I’m going to South Beach in a week and I imagine these songs will be on a constant loop from the time I touch down to the moment I leave.  If they’re not its a waste of money and time.

Nick Swisher

So, so, so typical. This is an absolute dud for me.

This is the epitome of my relationship with Nick Swisher.  One minute you think he’s the corniest guy alive, and the next he hits a 3-run bomb off Jon Lester and he weasels his way back into your heart.  This is that moment.

Swish does it again!  DROPPIN’ BOMBS ON YOUR MOMS!

Andruw Jones

Jones could come out to the Hamster Dance and I’d give it a good review.  Guy is a BOSS.  Plus the Hamataro Hamster Dance remix isn’t even that bad.  Probably better than this song actually.  Lil Wayne is pretty much dead to me after this album.

Raul Ibanez

Raul giving himself away a bit here.  This one might be lost on the kids, but its still a great song.

So he starts this one at the chorus.  He can start it whenever he wants it still makes him sound old.  Then again, I love Pearl Jam and this song—but if you’re coming out to PJ, you come out to this.

Eric Chavez

Fits Chavez’ approach to the game perfectly.  Guy always looks comfortable.

Classic, yes.  Walk-up song, no.

Prototype southern rap song/video.  Like TI, this one fits Chavez nicely.

Brett Gardner (Where have you gone?)

This song was inspired by Brett Gardner.  It’s perfect.  I’ve already said a few times how much I like this one.  I think this is Jordan Zimmerman’s as well.

Russell Martin

This song is as chill as Russell the Muscle’s batting average.  Wake up, Russ.

DeWayne Wise

Never gonna hear a peep of negativity out of me when it comes to Drake.  If that’s wrong, you be the judge.

CC Sabathia

I guess I shouldn’t expect crazy upbeat songs from this roster of senior citizens.  And again, its perfect.

It works just like this in real life!

Ivan Nova

Kind of unexpected from a bulldog like Nova.  But this is a multicultural game we play and we have to accept entrance music diversity.

Hiroki Kuroda

Can’t you just see Hiroki in the front row at a Foo Fighters show, reaching up at Dave Grohl and belting out these lyrics??

Andy Pettitte

Again, guys.  Take it easy on ’em, they’re old.  This is actually his ’09 song, because I couldn’t find the ’12 song.  Rock on, Andy.

Phil Hughes

Gosh, even the young guys pick old bands.  I was never a Metallica fan, so I just can’t relate.

David Robertson

Reason #1 why you will not be a closer.  There is only one reason.

Clay Rapada

Clay Rapada’s stat line: 24.2 IP, 14 H, 2.55 ERA.  Clay Rapada’s salary: $525k.  A message to ownership?  Call me crazy.  Crazy like a fox.

Rafael Soriano

He had a song written for him by a friend.  I don’t really get the details, but it isn’t available online.  My apologies.  I got a better one anyways…

The Greatest of All Time

Doctor said Rivera might come back in the same season from a torn ACL.  Thus proving the original hypothesis: He. Is. Not. Human.