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What Pros Wear Update: Alex Rodriguez (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats, Guard)

alex rodriguez bat, arod batting gloves, a rod cleats, a-rod leg guard

Having alternated home/away last year, Alex Rodriguez is sticking with the Nike Shox Gamer cleats (his aways last year) and the all white Nike Diamond Elite batting gloves you see above (his home gloves last year).

Update: 5.31.12

Bat – Louisville Slugger C271L in black (just added, available without the “L”)

Based on the 2nd photo down, A-Rod swings a 34/32.  I assume the “L” has something to do with the handle but would love for someone to step in here and add any info they might know.  The C271 is one of the most popular bats in wood bat leagues around the country so there are plenty available, however, I would recommend going for the “1xx” timber, which is the highest quality wood.

If you look closely, you can see the “C271L” on the barrel. Screenshot from MLB.tv.

Here’s one from the ’09 World Series, when A-Rod drove in 6 runs. From gameusedbats.com.

Batting Gloves – Diamond Elite Pro in white/white (switched out of the white/navy version, unavailable in his colors)

A-Rod switched out of the white/navy version for away games and is strictly sticking with the white/white version that he only wore for home games in 2011.  Though his colors are not available, there are plenty of great color choices for this great glove.

Another cordial conversation with Laz Diaz wearing the Diamond Elite Pro batting gloves. From MLB.tv.

Cleats – Nike Shox Gamer (switched out of Nike Fuse 2, available!)

A-Rod must have felt more comfortable in the Shox Gamer because he took the Fuse 2’s out of his repertoire.  He was wearing the Fuse 2’s at home and the Shox on the road in 2011, but is now exclusively wearing the Shox Gamer cleats.

Nike Shox Gamers. Screenshot from MLB.tv.

Leg Guard – Custom Cosby 10″ Batter Guard by Gerry Cosby Sports (just added, looks like its available, just not in his color)

This was quite the hunt.  Cosby Sports is a company I have never heard of but supposedly they have a lengthy list of professional sports teams that they supply for.  They make chairs and guards (very strange).  Nevertheless, A-Rod has been wearing one of these for many years, so it must get the job done.

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What the Pro Wears: Starlin Castro (Glove, Sunglasses, Arm Sleeve)

starlin castro glove model, starlin castro sunglasses, phiten arm sleeve, a2000 1786 ss, nike show x-1

Starlin Castro fields with the A2000 1786 SS (available) and wears an exclusive pair of Nike Show-x1 sunglasses.

Starlin Castro is not known for his defense (yet).  In fact, people tend to be critical when talking about his play in the field.  If I could speak to his critics, I would ask: were you a master of your profession at 22 years old?  The exceptionally young Castro has improved his fielding over his short career just as you would expect.  Here is a very quick article that demonstrates his range in an interesting way, as he leads the league in “infield knockdowns,” or keeping the ball in the infield on a play where a runner would otherwise advance.  Not that that’s proof he’s a Gold Glover in the making, but it’s a very valuable stat.

Starlin Castro wears a Wilson A2000 1786-SS, and from what we saw, the version he uses is exactly like the black/light brown version you see in the feature.

Starlin’s A2000 1786-SS. Screenshot from MLB.tv.

For those iconic Wrigley day games, you will catch Castro wearing Nike Show-x1 exclusive sunglasses.  His colors are similar to the style in the feature, except that the lense is the “Grey with Orange Flash” color and the nose piece is white.  Starlin’s are actually a mash-up of the versions already available online.

Here’s a good look at Castro’s Show-x1 sunglasses. Screenshot from MLB.tv.

Castro also wears a Phiten sleeve most like the MLB Authentic Collection Power Sleeve pictured, except that the Phiten logo is lower down and grey instead of black.  It is otherwise identical, and the version in the feature is available online.

Here are the links:

Wilson A2000 1786-SS Glove (Castro’s is the lighter brown version, not the darker brown version which seems to have better availability)

Nike Show-x1 Sunglasses (Again, Castro’s is an exclusive version that looks like the white/red and white/blue combined)

Phiten MLB Authentic Collection Power Sleeve in white

Going to get back to updating tomorrow.  A-Rod first, since it looks like Tulo’s is pretty much the same (though I will double-check that.

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What the Pro Wears: Starlin Castro (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats)

starlin castro bat, starlin castro batting gloves, cleats, nike huarache 2kfresh, louisville slugger m9 s318, louisville slugger pro

Starlin Castro wears Nike Huarache 2KFresh cleats and swings a M9 S318.

First of all, my apologies for not posting the last few days.  I was visiting friends in LA and was having way too much fun.

Starlin Castro is without question one of the brightest young stars in the game.  As the first MLB player ever born in the 1990s, Castro hit a cool .300 in his rookie year—before he could legally drink a beer.  In his first full season, 2011, he led the NL in hits with 207 while swiping 22 bags in his first All-Star campaign.  What’s even more remarkable, is that Castro, at 21 years old, became the youngest player to ever lead the NL in hits.

Castro’s is the type of swing that wins batting titles, and in those lightning-quick hands is the Louisville Slugger M9 S318.  That exact model is available, but the only one they do sell has Dustin Pedroia’s signature on it, not that it really matters.

Castro runs well in the Nike Huarache 2KFresh in royal/white.  These ARE available in his colors, and also in several other colorways.

Starlin’s batting gloves are a little trickier and my research also raised some questions about Curtis Granderson‘s as well.  The TPX Bionic batting gloves look identical to the TPX CB1 batting gloves, except that the Bionics have a pad on the palm under the pinky, presumably as a way to combat stinging.  It doesn’t look like Castro has this pad, so the batting gloves that are most like his are the CB1 style.  Castro wears a white/royal/red version at home, similar to his 2011 version that you see in the feature.  Though you can’t buy gloves exactly like his, there is a pair of CB1’s which have the same colors, just in different parts of the glove.  On the road, he wears a grey/red/royal version.

Here are the links:

Louisville Slugger M9 S318 (this goes to all S318’s but the only M9 version has Pedroia’s signature on it)

Nike 2KFresh in Royal/White

Nike 2KFresh (general search, even includes youth version)

TPX CB1 Batting Gloves (the white/royal/red version is the most similar to Castro’s exclusives)

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What Pros Wear Update: Matt Kemp (Glove, Sunglasses, Bracelets, Necklace)

matt kemp glove model, nike sha|do glove, nike sha do glove, nike shadow glove, power balance volt, oakley fast jacket

Matt Kemp’s sick Nike glove is only available in Japan—and for Matt Kemp!

Update: 5.24.12 6.27.12 (after some very helpful WPW readers showed me I was totally wrong on his glove)

Glove – Nike SHA|DO Elite BF1489 (unavailable, switched from Easton EPG 80B)

What we know is that the glove Kemp is using now is definitely made in Japan.  It isn’t exactly like the feature, but it looks nothing like anything sold in the US and looks very much like the Nike Diamond Elite Vapor we saw on the Japanese version of Yahoo! Auctions.  Kemp’s has the trap-eze web and the prominent yellow Nike logo exactly like that glove.  There are a bunch of really nice Nike gloves on that site, which you can check out here (I put a price floor of 24,000 yen on it—you can change that if you want to look at the cheaper ones).  If anyone has any more info on Kemp’s glove please tweet us, e-mail (whatproswear@gmail.com) or comment.


(UPDATE: 6.27.12) So, we figured it out thanks to WPW readers James and Troy.  It is a Nike SHA|DO Elite BF1489 glove, made in Japan and only available in Japan.  You can snoop around (it would help if you know Japanese), but it doesn’t look like you can get it in the states.  Lets hope that changes soon.

Nice look at Kemp’s leather. (Screenshot from MLB.tv)

Sunglasses – Oakley Fast Jacket in White (available on Oakley’s custom site, switched from sky blue version)

Here are the specs for Kemp’s Fast Jacket so you can make them in the custom builder:

  • Frame: Polished White
  • Lens: Fire Iridium XL (vented)
  • Lens: Black Iridium
  • Icon: Team White
  • Earsock: White
You can also just check out the many stock versions here.

Wristbands – Power Balance “Volt” with black lettering (available, switched colors)

We’ve seen him wearing two of the neon green ones on each wrist.  Here’s a link to the rest of the color options.

–Originally had it as the neon green version but thanks to WPW reader Bobby for directing us to the “Volt” edition.

Necklace – Power Balance Pendant in red (available, unchanged)

And a link to the rest of the color options.

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What Pros Blare: Walk-Up Music for the 2012 Baltimore Orioles

I haven’t done an Orioles post yet (Adam Jones to come), which is turning out to be a blatant oversight, being that they are in first place in the “AL Beast.”  So, to pay tribute to their early success, I figure I’ll show you their walk-up jams.  The O’s do not disappoint—they’ve put together a pretty nice mix.

I’ll try to go by lineup order (though I can’t find the new guy, Xavier Avery’s music):

JJ Hardy

Moby, huh?  You’re a power hitter, JJ.  Time to start acting like one.

You can roll the dice on pretty much any Timbaland track and it’s probably a great walk-up; however, this one is an all-time favorite of mine.  Bubba Sparxxx had a moment there, huh?

Adam Jones

San Diego-native Adam Jones picks a song that is so classic it’s almost cliche, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

One of Dre’s best and a great pick for a walk-up.  “No competition, sending all opposition to see a mortician.”

Matt Wieters

So.  Undeniably.  Catchy.  I wish I could say I didn’t watch that whole thing and smile and hum and bob my head and do the “WOAH-OH-OH” chorus part, but that would be a lie.

Chris Davis

This stuff fits nicely with his new Fu Manchu, but don’t count me as a fan—of the music, of course—that ‘stache’s is about two weeks from absolute dominance.

Wilson Betemit

Music is a universal language but this one just got lost in translation.  Why are they pretend-drinking from liquor-bottle-shaped cardboard?  A miss from Betemit.

Nick Johnson

What a pleasant surprise.  Bay Area guys tend to stick with their hometown favorites, and Johnson is Sacramento-born, so Oakland’s very own Luniz is a classy, classy choice.

Robert Andino

Robert Andino goes with Ace Hood and I can’t blame him.  Sinister beat and an aggressive rapper are a good mix.

File this one under “Generic Latin American Dance Hit.”  They all sound the same.  Endy does get a free pass though since he made the most clutch defensive play I’ve ever seen.

Nolan Reimold

Gotta admit I’m not up on wrestling.  I did watch it occasionally when I was forced to, but I just prefer real sports.  Call me crazy.  Song sucks, besides.

Tommy Hunter

Guy in the hat really likes that microphone spin move he’s got, huh?  And regardless of where you come from, an ERA over 5 is bad.  Not a huge fan of this one, but I do like Montgomery Gentry’s Lucky Man—soulful.

Jake Arrieta

The original is just way better.  That’s all.

Brian Matusz

Funky.  Great for a pitcher because it needs a little time to warm up but when it gets going it doesn’t quit.  Great call.

Wei-Yin Chen

Wei-Yin FOR THE WIN!  Nelly makes hits.  America.  Taiwan.  All corners of Earth.  If there is life on Mars, they probably listen to Nelly.  He’s a first ballot Hall of Famer in my book and if he isn’t in your book I don’t want to read it.

Luis Ayala

If they played this while I was trying to pitch I would throw four-seamers at the speakers until it stopped.

Matt Lindstrom

The culminating song on one of the best albums ever made.  Can’t make a better choice as a reliever.  Nailed it.

Darren O’Day

O’Day picked a few choice numbers from one of the only Rock & Roll bands left on the planet.  No wonder he’s having such a great year.

Pedro Strop

This poor guy sounds like Iago from Aladdin.  Do kids still watch Disney movies?  The reference might be dated, but Aladdin was a classic.  Great soundtrack.

Jim Johnson

It can’t  be easy for a band to make consistently good music for as long as the Foo Fighters have.  I’m not real amped up about this pick for a closer, but if Johnson likes the Foo Fighters I can’t really hold it against him.

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What Pros Wear Update: Matt Kemp (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats)

matt kemp bat, matt kemp batting gloves, cleats, nike diamond elite pro, nike huarache 2K4, rawlings big stick

Matt Kemp has switched over to a full Nike ensemble, including the Diamond Elite Pro batting gloves.

Update – 5.21.12

We know he’s hurt, but you guys have been asking for this one for a while so it was time for me to deliver.

Bat – Rawlings Big Stick M456B (added model number, unavailable)

Though his exact model isn’t available, there are a lot of Rawlings Big Sticks online at really attractive prices.

Batting Gloves – Nike Diamond Elite Pro in Royal/White (switched over from Easton SV12, available in his colorway and many more)

Screenshot from MLB.tv.

Cleats – Nike Air Huarache 2K4 Low (switched over from Nike Air Max Diamond Elite Fly, available, but not in his colorway)

You can see from the feature photo (compared to the photo below) that he has had a few different versions of the 2K4 cleats.  Neither are available, though the shoe has many different color options.

Matt Kemp’s exclusive colorways on his Nike Air Huarache 2K4 cleats.

Update 7.17.12

Here’s a couple recent photos of Kemp’s Huarache’s.  This version he tweeted, he’s never actually worn in a game and has since gone back to a simpler colorway in recent days.

Kemp tweeted these, but never wore them in a game.

Here is Kemp’s current shoe:

Source: Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images North America

Kemp in the field is next.  He’s wearing a sick Nike glove now that is only made overseas, but I’m currently digging to see if there’s any way to get our hands on it in the States.

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What Pros Wear Update: Dustin Pedroia (Glove, Sunglasses)

dustin pedroia glove, dustin pedroia sunglasses, a2000 dp15, franklin pro classic, franklin neo classic

Not much changed here, still the Wilson A2000 DP15 and Bolle Kickers.

Update: 5.18.12

Pedroia hasn’t changed much but I just added the glove he wears under his glove.  I bet there’s some big games going on this weekend (doubleheader for me) so kick some ass and I’ll get back at it Monday.

Glove – Wilson A2000 DP15 (unchanged, on backorder)

Looks like since we last posted that glove is sold out everywhere we look.  I would just keep checking on it—Eastbay looks to be backordered and “expected to ship 5/18” which is today.  So keep an eye out there if you’re interested.

Sunglasses – Bolle Kickers (unchanged, available)

Glove under Fielding Glove – Franklin Pro Classic (just added, unavailable)

Franklin just doesn’t like making these for us, I guess.  The Neo Classics look like a great alternative, though.

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